New business brains

New business brains


Peter Wade Monash University's Comptroller 1985Probably no one knew as much about university finance as Peter Wade, who was 42 when he was appointed as Monash’s Comptroller (later renamed General Manager) in 1985.

After receiving a first-class honours degree in economics, Wade joined the Victorian Treasury. He was working for the Ministry of Transport when Council member James McNeill convinced him to join Monash.

Wade approached the University like a business, budgeting and investing its resources. Under Wade’s leadership, Monash became the first university to publish its budget. He created the Monash Foundation to direct funding and investment gains. Wade became one of the University’s most vital  people.

Wade expected to stay at Monash for five years at most, but remained until his retirement 14 years later.

Treating the university like a business, under his leadership, Monash becomes the first university to publish its budget.