World class nature walk

Jock Marshall uplift

14 November 2016

World class nature walk opens in Clayton

nature walk ducksFor the first time ever, people will be able to view hundreds of rare flora and fauna on campus. The Monash Nature Walk transforms the Jock Marshall Reserve into a unique bushland experience for students on their way to class.

The Nature Walk is located in the four hectare Jock Marshall Reserve on the Clayton campus and includes a new 200 metre footbridge. Previously inaccessible to the public, the new footbridge enables users to see first-hand the exciting botanical life in the reserve. The bushland experience is brought to the fore, offering a rich ecosystem of species including crustaceans, frogs, bats, lizards and foxes.

Known as the ‘Green Lungs’ of the Clayton campus, the Jock Marshall Reserve is the only reserve of its kind in Victoria.

The reserve and its surrounding landscape will become a celebrated and renowned asset for Monash University and the community