Stem cell power house

Stem cell power house

23 February 2005

Monash takes the lead in stem cell research with the establishment of a new facility that brings together the best minds in the field.The facility comprises two major laboratories - the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories (MISCL), owned and operated by Monash, and the Major National Research Facility (MNRF), operating under the auspices of the Australian Stem Cell Centre (ASCC).

"It’s a unique collaborative effort allowing leading researchers in stem cell science - from across Monash and nationally - to work with each other, as well as with other universities, federal and state governments, and industry.

"Both MISCL and the MNRF are world-class facilities,” said Professor Alan Trounson, director of MISCL and executive vice-chairman of the stem cell centre. “This will greatly enhance the ability of scientists from Australia and around the world to produce internationally competitive stem cell research and commercial outcomes."

"We have drawn together some of the world's best scientists from immunology and stem cell biology to develop new and exciting innovations in transplantation, cell and gene therapy, therapeutics in blood, lung, kidney and reproductive biology and cancer therapy."

ASCC chief executive Dr Hugh Niall said that as a national facility open to all Australian stem cell and tissue repair scientists, the MNRF would enable collaborative research on complementary or joint projects and would also play an important role as Australia's stem cell and tissue bank.