Abbreviations used in unit codes

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CodeCampus or location
SASouth Africa

Teaching periods

CodeTeaching period
AMB1Ambulance 1
AMB2Ambulance 2
AMB3Ambulance 3
AMB4Ambulance 4
AMB5Ambulance 5
AMB6Ambulance 6
FY-01Full year teaching period
FY-32Full year (extended)
RES-Q1Research Q1
RES-Q2Research Q2
RES-Q3Research Q3
RES-Q4Research Q4
S1-01Semester 1
S1-32Semester 1 (extended)
S1-60Semester 1 (northern)
S2-01Semester 2
S2-32Semester 2 (extended)
S2-60Semester 2 (northern)
S2-S1-02Semester 2 - semester 1
S2-SS-02Semester 2 - summer A
SSA-02Summer semester A
SSB-01Summer semester B
SS-S1-01Summer A - semester 1
T1-57Term 1
T2-57Term 2
T3-57Term 3
T4-57Term 4
T1-58Trimester 1
T2-58Trimester 2
T3-58Trimester 3
WS-01Winter semester

Class type

CodeClass type
BLOCK-OFFA block of off-campus classes
BLOCK-ONA block of on-campus classes
DAYDay class
DAY-OFFOff-campus day class
DEDistance education
DE-ONLINEDistance education print & online delivery
ESP-ECEnhancement Studies Program - Enhancement Centre
ESP-TCEnhancement Studies Program - Distance Tutorial Centre
EVEN-OFFEvening off-campus class
EVENINGEvening class
EXT-CANDExternal research candidature
FLEXIBLEFlexible class with on and off-campus learning
ONLINEFully electronic delivery
ONLINE-DAYElectronic delivery for day students
OPEN-LEARNOpen Learning
OPEN-ONLINOpen Learning online delivery only
RES-DAYResidential day class
RES-EVENResidential evening class
SPLIT-OFFSplit block off-campus classes
SPLIT-ONSplit block on-campus classes
WEEKEND-OFWeekend off-campus classes
WEEKEND-ONWeekend on-campus classes

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