Enter preferences in Allocate+

Check Allocate+ access dates to see when the system will be open and accepting preferences.

For class activities, such as tutorials, laboratories and practicals, you can nominate your preferred times. The preferences are then sorted by the system to create a timetable that suits as many students as possible – preferences for these activities aren’t considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lectures missing from Allocate+

For semester two, you'll be able to select some lectures straight away and be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some other lectures won't appear in Allocate+ at all – in this case, you won't need to select a lecture activity for your timetable. The lecture recording will be available in Moodle in the week before teaching starts.

We recommend you check Moodle just before teaching starts, and from week one, check it often for updates to class activities.

If you’re living and studying in Melbourne, classes will be taught in a blended mode – a combination of on-campus and online activities. For example, most lectures and seminars will continue to be delivered online, but you may need to come onto campus for more hands-on classes, such as laboratories, studios and practical activities.

Part 1 (P1) and Part 2 (P2)

You’ll notice some of your classes have a P1 and P2 in the activity column. This simply means the classes are divided into two parts.

In the example below, in the first option (01) – the P1 classes are held on campus at CL_19Anc/G54, whereas the P2 classes are all held online. So when you choose an option, you’re choosing both the P1 and P2 options for the semester.

Example screenshot displaying the preference entry screen in Allocate plus

In this example, the class format alternates weekly – one week it’s on-campus and the following week it’s online. Some classes, however, might have the same format in consecutive weeks.

Unable to attend on-campus activities

Classes with an on-campus location (e.g. CL_19Anc/386) can only be attended on campus. If you’re unable to attend on-campus activities and there isn't an online option, you can let us know. We'll be in touch before your personal timetable is released on 21 July.

As you’re unable to travel to Australia to attend your classes on campus, you’ll need to select classes that are delivered entirely online. You’ll know the classes are taught entirely online because:

  • the location column will be empty
  • the description column will include the words Online Only - Refer to Moodle.

If a class has a location or includes an on-campus component, you won’t be able to select it. However, if later in the teaching period you’re able to come to Australia, you’ll be able to change to on-campus classes (where available).

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Help with entering preferences

Your units are listed on the left side of the screen.

If the list is wrong, check your enrolment in WES.

Below each unit is a list of activities (lecture, tutorial, etc.). You need to allocate class times for each activity that has a red icon.


For lectures, you’ll need to select a timeslot rather than nominating a preference:

  1. Click the lecture.
  2. Next to your preferred timeslot, click Select.

Tutorials, labs, etc.

You’ll see a range of timeslots, and the system shows you how many preferences you need to provide.

To nominate your preferences:

  1. in the preference column, order your preferred class times from 1 (most preferred) to least preferred
  2. click Save.

Follow this process for each of your units and ensure all activities are allocated. You'll know they're allocated when they have a green tick in the panel on the left.

You get another chance to change your preferred times once the system sorts then reopens for the adjustment period.

To better understand Allocate+, see Allocate+ features and functionality.

Log into Allocate+ to enter your preferred class times.

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