Allocate+ terminology and system modes

Allocate+ The timetable system for working out clash-free and fair activity timetables for students. To ensure a fair process, the first students to enter preferences do not get priority.
Preference entry mode

In this mode, students can enter preferred times for unit activities.

Students select activities for the units they are enrolled in.
Sort After preference entry mode, the system sorts students into activity time slots that work best for most students. About 80% of students will get their first preference.

Not everyone will initially get a clash-free timetable so you must check it.
Allocation adjustment mode In this mode, students can::
- change the activities allocated to them - if there are free time slots available
- enter new choices if a faculty has added new activities based on popular demand.
During adjustment mode, the system works on a first-come, first-served basis.
Special cases Some faculties and campuses open in allocation adjustment mode only:
  • Business and Economics for postgraduates
  • South Africa.
There is no preference entry mode and sort.

Activities are filled on a first-come, first-served basis to encourage early enrolment.
For some courses, the faculty creates your timetable. You do not need to enter preferences or adjust allocations for:
  • MBBS, Physiotherapy, Radiography
  • Pharmacy
  • Music
  • Science at the Gippsland campus.
In these instances, Allocate+ is in read-only mode, allowing you to view but not edit.
Some activities need to close adjustment mode early, such as some laboratory classes in Science and Medicine. Contact details to change the activity time may display next to these read-only activities.
Read-only mode This mode allows students to look at their timetable and room allocations. No changes can be made in this mode.
Auto allocated Students are automatically allocated to an activity time slot. They do not have a choice. Students still need to check auto allocated activities to ensure a location and time is assigned to each activity.
% Shows the popularity of a time slot (how many students picked this slot out of the total number of students who can attend the time slot). Entering a preference in a time slot with low popularity may increase your chance of getting into that time slot.
Green flag Shows time slots that must be included when selecting preferences (if they appear). Entering a preference in a time slot with a flag may increase the chance of getting into that time slot.
System messages
Unit is FULL No more places are available for this activity. Check online if your faculty will schedule more.

Attend one of the listed activities until this is resolved
Unit is (turned) OFF The unit is not available for preference entry or allocation adjustment Contact your faculty for further information
Allocate+ is turned OFF The Allocate+ system is offline Check again later

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