How to use Class Timetable

Class Timetable is used to view the scheduled times for all units offered by Monash. It includes all unit activity types.

The dates, times and locations in Class Timetable may change, so use it as a guide only.

To find out why and how you would use Class Timetable to help plan your personal timetable, see How timetabling works.

See when units are scheduled

You can use Class Timetable to see when units are scheduled (this may help you plan your studies around other commitments, like work):

  1. Go to Class Timetable.
  2. Select Unit Timetables.
  3. Filter units by semester, week and day.
  4. Search by unit name or select the unit(s) from the list.
  5. Select Report Type (grid or list will be most useful).
  6. Click View Timetable.

Before you start

Tips for using Class Timetable

  • View just one or two units at once.
  • Be patient with unit search and loading times.
  • See the instructions below if you are having trouble.
Instructions Sample screens
1. Go to Class Timetable

Select Unit Timetables to view Class Timetable for the next academic year (from mid-October onwards).
Class Timetable landing page

2. Use the filters to find units

a. Select semester (optional): it defaults to the next semester, but you can change this.

b. Search by typing any part of the unit code (optional): type all or part of the unit code and click search to display all relevant units.

c. Select units: select units from the list. Use Ctrl to select multiple units.

d. Select week: it defaults to the next semester but you can select summer or winter semesters.

e. Select days: it defaults to all weekdays (Mon-Fri), but you can choose a single day or weekend. Use Ctrl to select multiple options.

f. Select report type: it defaults to a grid view. You’ll find grid or list the easiest report types to read.

Once you’ve chosen your filters, click View Timetable.

Filters and searching

3. Select List view to access filtering function

This shows all scheduled activity times in a list. List view has a search function to filter the class type. For example, enter tutorial to view only tutorials.        
List view

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