We are developing and delivering leading-edge research and education programs. Partnership and funding allow us to contribute tangible and impactful benefits to society. Please get in touch if you would like to support our work, or find out more.

Future directions

Our future work will focus on:

  1. Identifying new conditions that psychedelic therapies could treat
  2. Developing real-world models of care
  3. Assessing the cost-effectiveness of psychedelic treatments
  4. Developing and delivering public education and professional training
  5. Exploring synergies between psychedelics and various psychotherapeutic and behavioural interventions
  6. Investigating how psychedelics work
  7. Predicting which patients will respond, and how to tailor treatment
  8. Increasing the duration of clinical benefits

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Some examples of projects under development are shown below.

Our partners and funders

The Clinical Psychedelic Lab is incredibly grateful for the wonderful support from our partners and funders.