MICCN now the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

In very exciting news, the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) has officially become the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.

The Turner will be one of Australia’s largest institutes for brain and mental health, bringing together a wealth of researchers, clinicians, industry partners and community groups to develop novel solutions for mental health problems that have burdened our community for too long.

“The Turner Institute will provide transformational impact on mental health outcomes across Australia and globally,” Professor Kim Cornish, Director of the new Turner Institute said. “Our core themes of Developing Well, Living Well and Ageing Well resonate with all of us – our children, our students, our family, our communities and ourselves.”

The goals underlying these themes – developing resilient brains, promoting healthy lifestyles and maintaining quality of life following ageing or brain injury – will be achieved through greater community access to digital mental health tools. The Turner will formally establish a Community Digital Mental Health Platform where residents of South-East Melbourne can access the latest innovative mental health technologies at their convenience and receive personalised assessment and treatment. Users will also be able to have their say on how the Turner can do even more to provide evidence-based, engaging, ethical interventions for people in their community

This focus on a community with high-unmet addiction and mental health needs is unique. It reflects the Turner’s ethos of ‘think global, act local’ and will serve as the ideal ‘living lab’ from which the Turner can expand into other communities in need. Working with international partners in Asia-pacific, North America and Europe will see this model have a global impact beyond Victoria. As Professor Cornish observes, the time is ripe for this innovative approach:

“We will also align with state and national initiatives including the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund, which is investing in bold and transformative research to support people with mental health issues in accessing new and innovative approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery”.

The Turner’s core foundation is a team of world-class researchers conducting cutting-edge work in cognitive and clinical neuroscience. Yet it has become increasingly clear that mental health represents a galvanising, unifying theme across Monash. In response, the Turner has already managed to leverage its strengths within the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty to develop burgeoning partnerships with the Faculties of Information Technology, Engineering, Law and Arts. Going beyond departmental silos and nurturing these new partnerships will be key to the Turner being recognised as the premier institute for brain and mental health in Asia-Pacific:

“The enormity of the support from the University and especially across its Faculties and University leadership has been breathtaking”, Professor Cornish said. “As the home of mental health research at Monash University, we cannot wait to start making a real difference to people’s lives.”

The official launch date for the Turner is 2 July 2019. The Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health is only a reality due to the extraordinary generosity of Monash alumnus, the late Mr. David Winston Turner. The Turner will honour David’s legacy by transforming how we understand and treat brain and mental health conditions across the lifespan. If you would like to contribute to this vision, you can learn more here.

Brand identity for the new Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health