MICCN researcher awarded Advancing Women’s Research Success Grant

MICCN’s Dr Beth Johnson is the proud recipient of a 2019 Advancing Women’s Research Success Grant from Monash University.

Monash University has a long-standing commitment to gender equity and increasing the representation of women in senior academic roles. The Advancing Women's Research Success Grant program supports the career progression of early to mid-career high-potential female academic staff with significant caring responsibilities, and assists the University in fostering talent to progress women to senior roles within the academy. It acknowledges that women may experience significant tension between academic success and family commitments, and that parental leave breaks and times of intense caring responsibilities associated with young children and/or other dependents can result in diminished research productivity.

This initiative aims to reduce the impact of career breaks and/or intense caring responsibilities on research output by providing funding at critical career points. Grant awardees receive funds to support a range of research activities so that they can maintain or enhance the momentum of their research productivity and strengthen their research profile.

The grant also offers professional career coaching to assist awardees with their long-term research career planning.

Dr Johnson will use her award to collect more participants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from Monash Children's Hospital and primary schools across Melbourne, for Project MAGNET.

“Kids with co-occurring ADHD-ASD symptoms have poorer outcomes socially, emotionally, behaviourally, and academically. Through Project MAGNET, we want to better understand the complex symptoms of ASD and ADHD, and why they overlap in some children,” explained Dr Johnson, who is also looking forward to participating in the Advancing Women’s Research Success career coaching again this year.

“Working together with these hospitals and primary schools, we can better understand the issues faced by children with ASD and ADHD, to help improve diagnosis and treatment. I am proud to have received this grant and am grateful for the invaluable assistance that it will provide in making the continuation of this research possible.”

MICCN congratulates Dr Johnson on this achievement.

Dr Beth Johnson, recipient of a 2019 Advancing Women’s Research Success Grant

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