Another step forward in helping people with brain impairment

The Neurorehabilitation Clinic at the Monash Psychology Centre is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with brain impairment and their families.

But, how do you know if this neurorehabilitation treatment is working to its full potential?

Thanks to an Advancing Women in Research Grant, MICCN’s Dr Dana Wong will address memory rehabilitation effectiveness for patients with acquired brain injury (ABI), such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, through assessing treatment integrity.

More specifically, the grant, which was awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, will assist Dr Wong in establishing inter-rater reliability for a scale that she has developed: the Monash Group Facilitation Competency Checklist1. Ensuring adequate reliability will allow the Checklist to be used in clinical, training and research settings to evaluate clinician competencies in group facilitation, and to determine how clinician competencies relate to participant outcomes - ultimately enabling the Monash Memory Skills Group team to further improve treatment for patients with ABI.

It would also be the first published scale of its kind.

“The Checklist will allow us to establish treatment integrity across multiple public and private health settings, within which the Monash Memory Skills Group is already operating”, said Dr Wong. “The grant will also provide access to personal career coaching, so that I can effectively manage multiple clinical, teaching and research activities to ensure best outcomes all round.”

MICCN is committed to supporting and advancing women in science, and congratulates Dr Wong on her grant success.

Contact Dr Wong for more information on her innovative research:  t: 03 9902 4188, e:

The Monash Group Facilitation Competency Checklist was developed by Dr Wong for objectively rating clinicians’ skills observed in video recordings of group-based interventions. Initial work on the Checklist development was funded by the ASSBI Clinical Innovation Award received in 2016.

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