Brain development research takes flight

The research partnership between the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) and Western University has taken off with a visit to the Canadian-based Brain and Mind Institute.

In April 2017, researchers from both MICCN and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) flew to Canada to collaborate with experts from Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute (BMI), where they identified potential ways by which to build capacity in brain development, brain imaging, and behaviour, in humans and in animals.

Opportunities for synergy were discovered across a number of projects, specifically those relating to the conscious mind, muscle and limb movement (motor control), developmental science - relating to developmental psychology and developmental cognitive neuroscience in children, and sleep research – a current hot topic for both researchers and industry alike.

“United across the two continents, we are exploring our own minds in order to better understand the minds of others”, said Prof Kim Cornish, MICCN Director. “Our collaboration with Western University is creating great opportunity for research and education innovation, with outcomes such as these demonstrating that our international face is actually working.”

In September this year, BMI’s Prof Brian D. Corneil will deliver the inaugural ‘Mel Goodale Distinguished Lecture’. A MICCN initiative, and named after BMI Director Prof Melvyn Goodale, these lectures will further educate attendees on brain development, brain imaging, and behaviour. More details to follow soon.

Read more on MICCN’s collaboration with Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute here.

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Western MOU visit

MICCN Director Prof Kim Cornish (fifth from right), Western University BMI Director, Prof Melvyn Goodale (fifth from left) and ARMI Associate Prof James Bourne (second from left), unite with colleagues during a visit to the Western University Brain and Mind Institute, Canada