Helping children starts with helping their parents…

Dr Marie Yap of the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) has been awarded a Monash Warwick Alliance Seed Fund grant for her project, “Parenting Strategies for parents of youths engaged in youth mental health services”.

A growing number of Australian children are finding themselves requiring youth mental health (YMH) services. And yet, there is presently an inadequacy of resources for the parents of these children to properly assist them during this challenging time.

Bringing together YMH experts from both Monash University and The University of Warwick, Dr Yap’s project team will develop innovative ways of equipping and upskilling the parents of these youths, so that they may better relate to their children, and support their children’s needs. The team will initially look to adapting their current online parenting intervention, Parenting Strategies, which already equips parents with the skills and tools needed to help reduce the risk and impact of depression and anxiety within their children.

“Through this project, we aim to establish a collaboration between YMH research and clinical experts, to address the gap in supporting the role and needs of young people’s parents in the delivery of YMH services”, explained Dr Yap. “There are currently very few evidence-based programs that can actually empower parents to reduce the impact of mental illness on their affected children and on the rest of the family, as well as in preventing relapse. Our team has collective expertise and positions internationally to work towards a solution.”

MICCN congratulates Dr Yap and the team on the award of this important grant.

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