International leader of anxiety and depression treatment awarded APA Fellow status

Last year, 84.3 per cent of individuals with an anxiety or related disorder sought treatment from a healthcare provider, but of this figure, only 23.2 per cent received appropriate evidence-based psychosocial or pharmacological intervention.

For MICCN’s Professor Peter Norton, this is unacceptable.

Professor Norton’s research constitutes a significant contribution to the field of clinical psychology. He is internationally known for his research in specific anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder and panic disorder, as well as research into issues that cut across anxiety-based problems, including anxiety sensitivity, intolerance of uncertainty, and fear of pain. What he is most renowned for, however, is his research on transdiagnostic approaches to treating anxiety, which are currently all the rage in clinical psychology.

Through this transdiagnostic, disorder-independent approach, Professor Norton considers the biological, physical and psychological symptoms, targeting the person and their emotional difficulties as a whole to deliver tailored treatment. So far, the approach is showing great results.

“Not only is my work in this area becoming more and more established through a growing number of publications, but, importantly, the people who are undergoing this treatment are generally experiencing some very positive outcomes,” Professor Norton said.

Professor Norton’s expertise is reflected by his newfound Fellow Status in the Society of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association (APA). The status is an honour bestowed upon APA members who have shown evidence of unique and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology. A person's work must have had a national impact on the field of psychology beyond a local, state or regional level.

“Professor Norton is most deserving of this distinction for his research on the nature and treatment of anxiety-related disorders,” said Ryerson University colleague, Dr Martin M. Antony, who has also achieved Fellow status with the Society of Clinical Psychology. “He was among the first to publish evidence of the effectiveness of a transdiagnostic treatment for anxiety and related disorders, and his treatment is among the most widely studied and disseminated transdiagnostic anxiety treatments in the world. It’s clear to see that his award-winning work has had an important impact on how anxiety is treated across North America and beyond, and I congratulate him on this achievement.”

“I’m honoured to have received such a distinguished honour,” Professor Norton said. “Prior to my award of this prestigious status, there were only 10 Australian-based APA Psychology Fellows, and only two within the same division, making this an extra special privilege. I’m excited to continue my valued work at MICCN’s FEAR Clinic, in helping people living with anxiety, depression, and similar mental health disorders to experiences better lives”.

MICCN congratulates Professor Norton on his fantastic achievement.

For more information on his research, contact Professor Peter Norton on t: 03 9905 1709, e:

For more information on APA Fellows, visit the APA website.

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