Two MICCN experts named Highly Cited Researchers for 2018

For the second year running, MICCN Professors Alex Fornito and Murat Yücel have been named Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers.

Scientists and scholars worldwide publish their findings in academic journals and proceedings, with estimates suggesting over two million works are produced each year.

Our goal in disseminating research via publication at MICCN goes beyond disseminating knowledge. We aim to inspire application of that knowledge, for further discovery and impact, to help people achieve improved health outcomes. One major way achievement of that goal is reflected is in the number of times a scientific paper is cited – with high citation numbers correlating highly with peer approval. This is evidence of scientific peers acknowledging the research reported in the scientific paper.

Only the most pre-eminent researchers earn the distinction of ‘Highly Cited Researcher’; that is, their papers have been ranked in the top 1% by citations over the past 11 years by Clarivate Analytics, considering both year and field of publication. Professors Fornito and Yücel are, once again, two of them.

Professor Fornito has had another successful year, with the award of a Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) Prize. He has also received the 2018 Gottschalk Medal from the Australian Academy of Science.

“It remains a real privilege to be included in this year’s Highly Cited list,” Professor Fornito said. “It’s a reflection of the fantastic team with whom I work, and the wonderful support provided by both MICCN and Monash University. I look forward to helping with the further development of MICCN’s Computational Neuroscience Program, and continuing to work on ways of understanding the brain in health and disease as we transition into the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.”

Professor Yücel added, “I am honoured to be included in the Highly Cited list for the third time. This remains not just a reflection of my work, but the entire efforts of the Addiction and Mental Health Program team. Our work is so important for the future health of Australians, with our research and novel intervention programs promising to have real impact. This will be further enhanced as we transition into the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, bringing together a wealth of clinicians, researchers and community groups to develop solutions for and give hope to families whose loved ones are suffering.”

MICCN is extremely proud of Professors Fornito and Yücel, and congratulates them on their overwhelming success.

Congratulations also to all 22 Monash academics who featured in this year’s list.

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L-R: Professor Alex Fornito, Professor Murat Yücel