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Turner Institute brand identity

MICCN now the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

In very exciting news, the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) has officially become the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.

News 29 April, 2019
Beth Johnson

MICCN researcher awarded Advancing Women’s Research Success Grant

MICCN’s Dr Beth Johnson is the proud recipient of a 2019 Advancing Women’s Research Success Grant from Monash University.

News 12 April, 2019

Dopamine found to restore motivation in Parkinson's sufferers

Monash University researchers have for the first time found evidence that dopamine levels in the brain can help people with Parkinson’s disease overcome cognitive apathy and achieve levels of cognitive motivation equivalent to healthy

News 9 April, 2019

Trippy tech explores brain power under LSD

Monash University researchers are part of a global team that has developed and applied world-first non-invasive computer technology to explore how the brain processes information when under the influence of hallucinogens, like LSD.

News 1 April, 2019

A fine line between pleasure and weight gain

The size of your brain’s pleasure and reward processing sensors could be behind increased body fat in adolescents and potentially obesity later in life, new research by Monash University has found.

News 1 April, 2019

Working day less than a hoot for 'night owls'

‘Night owls’ – those who go to bed late and then get up later – have significantly lower functional connectivity in the brain, slower reaction times, and may struggle with a standard 9-5 work day compared to ‘early

News 1 April, 2019

Active sleep is more than just counting sheep

Imagine slowly drifting off to sleep in a bus or an airport after a hard day’s work. As the body enters a restful state and consciousness dissolves, we might still want to pay attention to key information in these typically noisy settings

News 1 April, 2019

Behaviour of social media fanatics similar to drug users, gamblers

The decision-making attributes of excessive social media users has been likened to those of drug addicts and gamblers in an explosive new study designed to raise awareness about the hidden mental health traps affecting young adults online.

News 1 April, 2019
Paramedic Health

Australia-first research centre into paramedic health launches in Melbourne

An Australian first study looking at sleep patterns, and consequent health and wellbeing of paramedics is underway in Melbourne. Last month, Monash University launched Australia’s first unit looking at the mental and physical health and

News 18 March, 2019