Assessment and Treatment

3.1 Sessions
3.2 Medication
3.3 Treatment Options

The FEAR Clinic offers low-cost Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for anxiety, depression, and related emotional disorders to the general public. We currently only offer services for adults, aged 18 and older. Referrals to treatment providers who specialise in childhood anxiety or depression can be provided.

3.1. Sessions

Treatment usually lasts for 8 to 12 weeks, although some people may require more or less time to overcome their anxiety or depressive difficulties. Currently, the clinic will be offering both individual and group-based treatment however the format offered to each client will depend on presenting problems and assessment outcome. 
Treatment sessions are usually weekly and will last one (if individual) or two (if group) hours. Daytime and limited evening hours are available. All treatments are conducted either by Dr. Peter Norton or the clinical staff of the FEAR Clinic.

3.2 Medication

The FEAR Clinic does not prescribe medication, although we will gladly speak with your physician or psychiatrist about coordinating services.

3.3 Treatment Options

If you call to request treatment at the FEAR Clinic, several things will happen:

  1. Your contact information will be given to one of our therapists, who will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an assessment meeting.
  2. The assessment meeting is designed to better understand you and how anxiety or depression is a problem for you, and to make certain that our services would be helpful for you. The assessment is:
    • Free
    • Required before treatment can begin
    • Usually takes 2 hours - the therapists will ask you many questions about your anxiety, depression, and other related concerns.
  3. Approximately one week later, you will meet again with the assessment therapist to review the results of the assessment, return the completed questionnaires, and begin scheduling treatment as appropriate.
  4. You will complete several questionnaires.

If our services appear appropriate, group or individual treatment will begin shortly after the assessment is completed. 
Treatment costs are reduced on a sliding fee scale based on your income and ability to pay.