Monash University Healthy Sleep Clinic

A MUHSC priority is to improve the treatment of body—clock and sleep disorders, all the patients are invited to take part in on—going research projects.


  • Individuals having sleep difficulties.
  • Individuals with circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, for example those with delayed sleep phase disorder, or shift-workers with sleep difficulties.
  • Individuals with sleep difficulties as well as other co-existing mental and/or physical health conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain.

We provide service to adults and adolescents aged 16 years and above.


The initial consultation with the sleep physician is bulk billed.

A small fee covers the comprehensive CBT-I package or circadian re-entraining.  This includes visits with our sleep psychologists, which are rebatable through a care plan provided by your GP.


Before you visit us, please visit your GP in order to obtain the following two referrals so you can receive Medicare rebates for your visits:

  1. a referral to a Sleep Physician for the initial consultation;
  2. a referral to see a psychologist under Medicare.

We recommend you obtain both referrals during your visit to your GP, so you can receive the full benefits of our service without delay.