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Graduate Education and Industry Centre

The Graduate Education and Industry Centre is the organisational hub for all higher degree training within the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and the Monash School of Psychological Sciences.

It provides a world-class environment for research training, as well as an integrated training program that prioritises industry partnerships and the commercialisation of research. This makes the centre the first of its kind in Australia – bringing together psychology and neuroscience in a groundbreaking industry-linked program that fosters the development of our future industry leaders.

Through our Graduate Education and Industry Centre, we are the only research intensive University to offer a program that directly links psychology and neuroscience graduate students to industry.

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For graduate students

PhD in Clinical Psychology Program: prepares graduates for research in applied areas of psychology and to work as clinical psychologists in the assessment and treatment of adults and children with emotional and/or behavioural disorders in a broad range of settings.

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PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology Program: prepares graduates to conduct research in neuropsychology and to work as clinical neuropsychologists in a broad range of settings.

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PhD Program – Research Only: this PhD model has been successful in training the majority of academics working in universities across Australia. It makes full use of the Monash Doctoral Program and associated training options.

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For PhD students and industry

PhD Program – Industry-Linked Research: builds on the Research program, but also includes innovative training options specific to industry and delivered by industry. These options include industry placements with direct and immediate relevance to the PhD project.

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For industry

Research Intensive Training Experience (RITE): this pathway will set our centre apart from any other doctoral or postgraduate training centre. It will provide training to enable modern businesses to turn their data into information to gain a competitive advantage in the field, industry or sector.


Dr Andrew Tucker

Research Scientist; General Manager Research and Development at the CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity; Senior Lecturer at Monash University advising on bridging the industry-university nexus

“I often give advice to PhD students to get experience in industry, and the Graduate Education and Industry Centre now makes that part of the program. Combining that with the project management and in-depth research knowledge developed in a PhD provides a diverse range of options and opportunities for industry or academia.”

Dr Kate Taylor

Clinical Psychologist with various clinical psychology, teaching and research positions

“A DPsych is a marathon, but one day it will be finished and you will have the keys to a brilliant career. My DPsych at Monash provided me with many opportunities to specialise and diversify across clinical, research, teaching and management areas.”

Ms Leilah Grant

PhD student; working on a project with the CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity and with industry partner Bio21 focussing on the molecular markers of sleep

“A major part of my project has been to spend time at Bio21 and perform various analytical tests on our collected samples. They have been very supportive and actively encourage me to undertake sample preparation and analysis, as well as present the findings to the rest of the industry group. Through my Monash PhD, I also partook in a Commercialisation Bootcamp to further help with bridging the industry-university gap.”

Mr William (Billy) McMahon

PhD student; working on a project with the CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity and industry partner Cogstate focussing on the impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance

“It’s been a great project. I spend time both at the Monash University BASE (Be Active Sleep Eat) Facility as well as Cogstate, and I’ve been able work closely with Cogstate in the selection and analysis of cognitive assessment tools.”