Our people - Neurodevelopment

Program Lead

Prof Peter Anderson

E: Peter.J.Anderson@monash.edu

Professor Anderson is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Lead of the Turner Institute Neurodevelopment Program. His work focuses on understanding brain and cognitive development following early brain insults, and for the past 15 years his program has centred on neonatal conditions, especially infants born very preterm.

Program Deputy Lead

Dr Megan Spencer-Smith

E: Megan.Spencer-Smith@monash.edu

Dr Spencer-Smith is a Senior Lecturer in developmental cognitive neuroscience at Monash Psychological Sciences and Deputy Lead of the Turner Institute Neurodevelopment Program. Her research focuses on understanding cognitive development, learning and behavioural functioning in childhood, and she trials cognitive training methods designed to improve these.

Other Key Team Members

Prof Kim Cornish

E: Kim.Cornish@monash.edu

Dr Hannah Kirk

E: Hannah.Kirk@monash.edu

Prof Mark Bellgrove

E: Mark.Bellgrove@monash.edu

Dr Beth Johnson

E: Beth.Johnson@monash.edu