Our Platforms

Our access to innovative research platforms means that we can replicate real-world settings and access new technologies, enabling new ways of doing research and delivering the most appropriate and effective solutions.

One of the ways that we are achieving this is through our most recent research clinic, BrainPark.

Established in 2018, BrainPark is a world-first neuroscience research clinic dedicated to creating healthy habits, brain and lifestyles through neuroscience. The clinic was made possible through a gift from the David Winston Turner Endowment Fund with support from its host School (Monash Psychological Sciences), host Platform (Monash Biomedical Imaging) and the University.

Below are our other research platforms and centres.

Research centres

Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Alertness, Safety and Productivity

The objective of the CRC is to reduce the financial and human costs to the community of sleep disorders. The CRC is developing new tools and products to improve alertness, increase productivity and enhance safety. Further information: http://www.alertnesscrc.com

caulfield library

ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function

The Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function is addressing one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century – to understand how the brain works. We investigate complex functions such as attention, prediction and decision-making, which require the coordination of information processing by many areas of the brain. We use a highly collaborative approach involving neurobiologists, cognitive scientists, engineers and physicists, allowing us to translate our discoveries into novel technologies for the social and economic benefit of all Australians. Further information: http://www.cibf.edu.au

Research platforms


BASE (Be Active Sleep Eat)

BASE - Be Active Sleep & Eat - is designed to facilitate the Turner Institute’s research through a unique multidisciplinary approach, enabling researchers, academics and professionals to integrate nutrition, sleep, exercise physiology and physical therapy research into practice within a single purpose-built facility at Notting Hill. Further information: http://www.med.monash.edu.au/base


MBI (Monash Biomedical Imaging)

Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) is a Monash University research platform that has been developed in conjunction with a consortium of hospitals and research organisations, including the Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO and Monash Health. MBI undertakes and supports interdisciplinary and multi-modality biomedical imaging research. Further information: http://www.mbi.monash.edu.au


Functional Genomics Facility

The Turner Institute and the School of Psychological Sciences boasts the only Functional Genomics Facility to be housed in a Psychology School in the country.  The housing of this facility within the School of Psychological Sciences is testament to the growing recognition of the value of interfacing genetics with the study of psychological traits and psychopathological conditions. Services that the Facility offers include: DNA extraction from saliva or blood; plating of DNA; storage of DNA; targeted genotyping of VNTRs and microsatellites; medium throughput genotyping of SNPs using our Roche LightCycler equipment; functional genomic assays including gene reporter assays and qPCR in post mortem brain samples. The Functional Genomics Facility is housed within the Bellgrove Laboratory in the School of Psychological Sciences. Queries can be directed to Dr Ziarih Hawi or Professor Mark Bellgrove.


Monash Psychology Clinic

MPC provides a range of evidence-based psychological services to the community including adult, child, adolescent and family clinical psychology, and services related to concussion, sleep, memory and neuropsychology. MPC also provides consultation and training to community agencies and health professionals on issues such as child and family psychology, mental health promotion, neuropsychology and concussion management.