Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

MICCN's Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) research team includes Professor Sean Drummond, Professor Peter Norton, Associate Professor Nikolaos Kazantzis, Dr. Laura Jobson, Dr. Katherine Lawrence, and Dr. Marie Yap. We use a broad range of empirical approaches to study mental health, its prevention and treatment, including experimental methods, clinical trial methodology, and survey methods to study the enhancement of CBT for mental health problems. A significant focus is developing new interventions and translating experimental evidence into improved clinical and functional outcomes.

Our methods are capable of examining the complex associations among patient qualities, clinician behaviours, and treatment outcome, with a particular focus on:

  • What key principles are maximally effective for the delivery of CBT to clients with multiple concurrent disorders?
  • How can we improve adherence and reduce attrition in CBT and, thus, provide greater benefit to more individuals?
  • How can practitioner skill in the delivery of CBT be maximized?
  • What adaptations are necessary in order to ensure CBT is responsive to cultural diversity?

We use diverse analytic techniques for tracking therapeutic process and outcomes, from traditional ANOVA and regression-based approaches to advanced structural and multi-level modeling methods that account for individual and group changes over time. Our data come from a diverse range of methods, including clinician diagnoses and ratings, self-report questionnaires, experimental paradigms, independent observational assessments, and biobehavioural and psychophysiological instruments.

Our work has contributed new treatments and guidelines for clinical practice that have been translated in 10 languages, new tools for the assessment of client engagement, assessment of specific therapeutic competencies, and culturally-relevant assessment of trauma-related cognitions.

We are strong advocates for the translation of research into clinical practice, and our group has presented workshops and training programs for over 5,000 psychologists and allied health professionals, in 11 locations across Australia and 24 countries world-wide.

Our research is or has been funded by Australian Rotary Health; beyondblue – the national depression and anxiety initiative; Canadian Institute of Health Research; Helen Macpherson-Smith Trust; Department of Health and Ageing; National Health and Medical Research Council; UK National Institute for Health Research; US Department of Defense; and US National Institute of Health.

We work closely with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Research Unit and the Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory.