Our people - Sleep

Program Lead

Professor Sean P.A. Drummond

E: Sean.Drummond@monash.edu

Professor Sean P.A. Drummond volunteered as an undergraduate research assistant in the Sleep Research Laboratory at the University of Arizona. He undertook his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the SDSU-UCSD Joint Doctoral Program. He completed his Pre-doctoral Internship at the Tucson VA hospital and then returned to the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He served on the UCSD Department of Psychiatry faculty from 2002-2014, and as a Staff Psychologist at the VA San Diego Healthcare System from 2005-2014.

He joined the Turner Institute as a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience in Dec 2014 and in 2018 he became Lead of the Sleep Program His main interests include cognitive neuroscience of sleep and sleep deprivation, treatment of insomnia, especially in comorbid psychopathology, and translational research examining the mechanistic role sleep plays in PTSD and mood disorders.

Program Deputy Lead

Dr Brad Edwards

E: Brad.Edwards@monash.edu

Dr Brad Edwards completed his PhD in respiratory physiology at Monash University in 2009. During his PhD, he also held a part-time Medical Scientist position at the Monash Sleep Centre where he became skilled in performing clinical assessments and overnight monitoring of individuals with sleep disorders.

Following his PhD, Dr Edwards was awarded two successive fellowship (2010-11; Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Allen and Hanburys Respiratory Research Fellowship, 2012-16; NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship) to pursue post-doctoral studies at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) focused on understanding the pathogenesis of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). He returned to Monash University in 2015 as a Senior Research Fellow where he is now Deputy Lead of the Sleep Research Program.

Other Key Team Members

Professor Shantha Rajaratnam

E: Shantha.Rajaratnam@monash.edu

Associate Professor Clare Anderson

E: Clare.Anderson@monash.edu

Dr Bei Bei

T: Bei.Bei@monash.edu

Associate Professor Sean Cain

E: Sean.Cain@monash.edu

Dr Andrew Phillips

E: Andrew.Phillips @monash.edu

Dr Joshua Wiley

E: Joshua.Wiley@monash.edu

Dr Tracey SlettenDr Tracey Sletten

E: tracey.sletten@monash.edu

Dr Melinda JacksonDr Melinda Jackson
E: Melinda.Jackson@monash.edu

Dr Thomas Andrillon

E: Thomas.Adrillon@monash.edu

Dr Shane Landry

E: Shane.Landry@monash.edu

Elise Facer-ChildsDr Elise Facer-Childs
E:  Elise.Facer-Childs@monash.edu

Dr Alexander Wolkow

E: Alexander.Wolkow@monash.edu

Dr Elise McGlashan
E: Elise.McGlashan@monash.edu
Dr Julia StoneDr Julia Stone
E:  Julia.Stone@monash.edu
Dr Jessica Manousakis
E:  Jessica.Manousakis@monash.edu
Dr Katy Jeppe
E: Katy.Jeppe@monash.edu