Survey timing

SETU is designed to collect feedback whilst the unit is still running to ensure that the feedback is not related to the marks or experience of the final assessment. Surveys are timed towards the end of the teaching period (generally Week 9 – 12) to enable the feedback to be as rich as possible.

Survey periods are set in consultation with faculties. Where there may be some faculty variation for specific groups of units which are not taught across a standard 12 week teaching calendar, survey periods will deviate from the standard main round dates*.

Survey (main round*) Start Date End Date Results Release
SETU Summer 2020/2118 Jan 202121 Feb 202129 Mar 2021
SETU Semester 1, 20213 May 20216 Jun 202112 Jul 2021
SETU Semester 2, 202127 Sep 202131 Oct 20216 Dec 2021

*For further details of non-standard semester periods refer to the SETU Administration Timetable for the current semester.