About Surveys

UPS undertake analyses of survey data and develop reports to support the University's planning and quality improvement processes. Supporting the business and strategic needs of the institution, UPS is responsible for:

  • Providing advice to the University community of student survey design, methodology, protocols, administration and interpretation of results
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning in each faculty by investigating course experience of students and graduates
  • Benchmarking - customised trend analysis across surveys data to compare against other universities

For the approach to quality assurance survey activities with students at Monash University see the University Student Survey Policy.

Surveys Register

The University considers the views of students and graduates to be of critical importance in monitoring, reviewing and improving its teaching, research and services.

To express your interest in creating a non-core survey complete the surveys register form at least six weeks prior to the anticipated commencement of your survey. Please refer to the University's surveys calendar of scheduled dates below outlining the start and end dates of key University surveys.

To ensure the University's core surveys remain a priority, the administration of non-core surveys requires approval of the Provost and Senior Vice-President following endorsement of the Dean or Divisional Director. See the University Student Survey Policy for more information.

Note: Permission is not required for ad hoc surveys carried out at unit level or surveys of graduates carried out as part of course reviews.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Surveys Calendar

Key dates

Survey Start date End date
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (Summer Semester 2017/18) Dec 2017 Mar 2018
Student Administrative Services Survey Apr 2018 Apr 2018
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (Semester 1, 2018) - main round Apr 2018 Jun 2018
2018 Graduate Outcome Survey/Employer Satisfaction Survey  Apr 2018 May 2018
2018 Student Experience Survey Aug 2018 Aug 2018
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (Semester 2, 2018) - main round Sep 2018 Nov 2018
2019 Graduate Outcome Survey/Employer Satisfaction Survey  Nov 2018 Nov 2018