Nomination Process

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards comprise three categories:

  • Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for OH&S;
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards for Diversity and Inclusion; and
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards for Professional Staff.

Individual category Awards Selection Committees are convened annually for the assessment of Awards. Each Committee is charged with the responsibility for making recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor for individual and team winners in their relevant category.

In exceptional circumstances, a Committee may also recommend a special commendation is awarded.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Individuals or teams may be nominated by a member of the Monash community. For team nominations the nominator may be a member of the team or may be external to the team
  • Students are excluded from consideration for all Awards
  • Self-nomination is not permitted for any individual Awards
  • Non-employees are excluded from consideration as part of a team for all Awards
  • All nominations will be subject to an eligibility check prior to progressing to review
  • The nomination must be supported by the direct supervisor of the individual or team (not the team lead) and evidence of that support should be provided in the nomination submission
  • The Selection Committee’s may seek further endorsement from nominee's Head of Unit/Dean/Executive Director
  • Nominators will receive an email to inform if the nominee has been shortlisted as a finalist
  • Only the shortlisted nominees will be informed of their nomination and invited to the award ceremony on 24 November 2021 (the nominator will also be invited)
  • In the case a shortlisted nominee is from an international campus, they will be invited to join the award ceremony virtually
  • The Selection Committee’s decision for all awards is final. Please note, feedback on nominations and selection processes will not be provided.

How to Nominate

  • Review the selection criteria and eligibility information for the Award category in which you are submitting a nomination
  • Complete the relevant online nomination form via the link below

Nomination Form - Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for Professional Staff

Nomination Form - Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Nomination Form - Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for OH&S

  • Submit your nomination by Friday 12 August 2022
  • Ensure correct spelling of individual names, titles and emails as details for all winners will be published following the Awards. Monash HR is unable to check and amend details following submission

Key Dates

Monday 18 July 2022 Nominations open
Friday 12 August 2022 Nominations close
September 2022 Selection takes place
Wednesday 30 November 2022 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards event

Developing and Writing an Awards Nomination

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards recognise professional staff whose contributions to the University demonstrated going above and beyond the requirements of their roles. It is therefore essential that each nomination highlights how an individual or team has made such a contribution, relevant to the specific Award category themes and selection criteria.

It is strongly suggested that you take adequate time to read all of the available information prior to writing and submitting a nomination. Each category Award page contains specifics including:

  • Award Themes
  • Selection Criteria
  • Award Eligibility
  • Nomination Form

The nomination process page contains further general information on nomination guidelines, how to nominate and key dates. You will also find below suggestions to assist in developing and writing your nomination.

Understand the Award Themes and Selection Criteria

Each Award category has a different set of themes and criteria against which the Selection Committee will be assess nominations. Before completing the nomination form, make sure that you are able to address each required element.

Carefully Check Eligibility

Eligibility varies across the three categories of the Awards program, as well as in relation to whether you are submitting an individual or team nomination. Thoroughly check the relevant eligibility requirements to ensure that your nomination proceeds beyond this checkpoint.

Plan and Refine the Nomination Submission

Review the nomination form and note the various sections in which you are able to provide supporting information or evidence to demonstrate the nominee’s excellence and substantiate the information in your nomination.

Be specific in how the nominee/s met the award themes and selection criteria, using examples and incorporating key words where possible.

You may find that there is some overlap in addressing themes and culture values in your nomination. There is no need to repeat information, however you may wish to reference information contained in other sections of the submission.