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For all events where alcohol is served please provide the name and contact number of your Event Manager. They are responsible for overseeing the safe and responsible service of alcohol during the event. They are not permitted to consume alcohol during the event.
You must apply for a Liquor License 8 weeks prior to your event.

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Sponsors may need to do an induction before they're allowed on campus. Please direct your sponsor to visit:
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Speak to your student association about obtaining a Yellow Parking Permit for your dignitaries.
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An external contractor is any non-Monash people employed or volunteering their services during the event, including DJs, presenters, exhibition hirers, etc. Excluding caterers and sponsors Please direct your external contractor to visit:
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Sustainable Events:
Monash University recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviours that support activities which contribute to environment sustainability within the local, national and international community. The University is committed to providing sustainable events and activities.

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