Barbeques & Grounds

Monash University have barbeques and grounds available for hire for self-catering.  If you are considering having an event at Monash University please fill out the General Booking Enquiry Form.

Please be aware if you are planning to serve and/or sell alcohol at this event, you need to advise this office at least 2 weeks prior to your event.  If you intend selling alcohol, either directly or indirectly (including via an event cover charge or ticket) a liquor licence must be obtained. This is available from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation at

All users are encouraged to refer to the Department of Health website to be familiar with your responsibilities.

All BBQ bookings are confirmed in writing and on the day, issued with a Key and BBQ Cleaning Kit.

If you have any problems completing the form or wish to discuss your enquiry first, please contact Venue Services on 9905 3101 or email We will be happy to assist with all your requirements.

Clayton Campus

Kenneth Hunt BBQ (located at 17 College Walk)
Capacity: 100

The Quad (located at 15 Ancora Imparo Way)
Capacity: 100

Caulfield Campus Caulfield Green BBQ (outside Buildings K + N)
Capacity: 100
Peninsula Campus Links BBQ (behind Building B near U Building)
Capacity: 40

Flagpole Rotunda BBQ (in the forecourt near the flagpoles and the area is covered)
Capacity: 40

Clayton Campus

Capacities of    0 – 99

Grounds/JapaneseGarden [50]

Grounds/LTB Lawn

Grounds13D/BiomedicalLawn [50]

Grounds13D/M1Lawn [50]

Grounds13F/PhysiologyGarden [50]

Grounds15/MedLawn [50]

Grounds24/S6Pond [50]

Grounds3B/VeraMooreGarden [50]

Grounds64/PharmacologyGarden [50]

Grounds75/Strip1Lawn [50]

12 Ancora Imparo Way

19 Ancora Impara Way

35 Rainforest Walk

35 Rainforest Walk

26 Innovation Walk

27 Rainforest Walk

15 Rainforest Walk

36 Exhibition Walk

43 Rainforest Walk

15 Innovation Walk

Capacities of 100 - 499

Grounds/EHCourtyard [390]

Grounds/HargraveForecourt [100]

Grounds/HumpLawn [100]

Grounds/Kenneth Hunt Garden [100]

Grounds/MathesonForecourt [100]

Grounds/RBHCourtyard [150]

Grounds/ReligiousLawns [300]

Grounds/RetardingBasin [300]

Grounds13C/AnatomyGarden [100]

Grounds17/SystemsGarden [100]

Grounds3A/CeremonialLawn [200]

GroundsS1/OakLawn [200]

23 College Walk

13 College Walk

16 Rainforest Walk

17 College Walk

40 Exhibition Walk

49 Scenic Boulevard

38 Exhibition Walk

8 Scenic Boulevard

10 Chancellors Walk

18 Innovation Walk

27 Chancellors Walk

30 Ancora Imparo Way

Capacities of 500+

Grounds/LemonScentedEast [500]

Grounds/LemonScentedWest [500]

Grounds/MenziesCentre [500]

Grounds/MenziesEastPond [500]

Grounds/MenziesWest [500]

Grounds/TheQuad [500]

25 Exhibition Walk

25 Exhibition Walk

20 Chancellors Walk

20 Chancellors Walk

20 Chancellors Walk

15 Ancora Imparo Way

Outdoor Performance Area

Grounds/Soundshell [500] - includes Green Room use. Grounds space additional charge

16 Rainforest Walk

Caulfield Campus


Sound Shell




The Deck [100]

Middle Lawn [100]

Main Lawn [500]

Outdoor Performance Area Grounds/Soundshell [300] - Grounds space additional charge  

Peninsula Campus


Grounds/Links [40]


Flagpole_Rotunda [40]