Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms are of varying capacities, ranging from hosting 6 people to 30. These spaces can be arranged in any manner to suit your event need - boardroom setup, workshop, seminar, etc.

AreaCapacity Name & LocationImage
Caulfield 30  Conference Room, Building C,
room C110

  10 - 20 H/HB25A and H/HB25B.
view 360 view of space

Building H, HB25A and HB25B, which are seperate rooms for 10 people and as combined rooms can set 20

Clayton 22 15 Innovation Walk, Room G19

You might also want to consider the Monash Club

Peninsula 25 Building C, Room C1.02 Conference Room
view 360 view of space

If you are considering having an event at either our Caulfield, Clayton or Peninsula Campus and would like further information on availability or to view one or more of our conference rooms, please contact the Venue Services Team via email We will be happy to call you to discuss your requirements.

Otherwise, if you would like to make a booking please fill out the General Enquiry Form.

Monash students please fill out the Student and Club Enquiry Form for bookings.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best action forward.