Getting started

Using Volunteering at Monash

Volunteering at Monash is your one-stop-shop to find volunteering opportunities that suit you. As a Monash student, you'll not only have access to heaps of on-campus opportunities provided by faculties and areas of the university, but also thousands of roles on the national volunteer database.

By following these simple steps, you'll be changing the community, connecting with others and creating new skills as a volunteer.

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Tips for becoming a volunteer

Keep your profile accurate and up-to-date

  • This ensures that relevant volunteering opportunities are displayed for you.
  • To see more opportunities, select a broader range of interests and skills – the more open-minded you are, the more opportunities will appear in the system.
  • Be realistic about your availability – are you able to commit that many hours and able to travel to all those areas?

Think seriously about your commitments before going ahead

  • Volunteers are an invaluable resource to not-for-profit and community organisations – they are relying on you to follow through on your commitment.
  • If seeking a long-term role, ensure you consider any upcoming exams, events or holidays. If there's a substantial clash, perhaps reconsider that role, or ensure you make the organisation aware of these issues.
  • If you want a short-term role, remember to clear your schedule on the relevant dates, and think about the impact on the organisation if you need to cancel. Will you be the sole volunteer that day? Are they expecting you to bring some equipment along? Give plenty of notice if you can't attend.

Prepare for any further application or training requirements

  • Some roles may require more steps, such as getting a Working with Children Check, attending a training day or interview. Check this before you express interest.
  • It's a good idea to update your resume before getting in touch with a volunteer organisation, in case they want to see it. See the Monash Career Connect website for how to write a resume.

Challenge yourself and think outside the box

  • If one of your reasons for volunteering is to kick-start your career, don't limit yourself to opportunities only within your field of study. One of the many advantages of volunteering is that it teaches you a wide range of transferable skills that will develop your knowledge and experience across many fields.
  • If you have the time, consider a long-term volunteering role. Not only does this allow you to make connections and see the lasting impact your work has, it also demonstrates your ability to commit to serious responsibilities over time – a key employability attribute.
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If you receive Centrelink payments, you may need to contact Centrelink before beginning a volunteer role. For more information, visit the Centrelink website.

Volunteering as an international student

If you are an international student, visit the Department of Home Affairs website before you start volunteering, to ensure that your voluntary work complies with your visa requirements.