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Jack, Arts/Laws:Volunteering has given me a sense of being able to change the world around me, just by seeing what the power of good team work, and really putting your mind to something, can do and achieve.

Emilija, Arts/Laws:That's why I thought this was a really great opportunity to get involved and sort of to give back.

James McCubbin, Business alumnus, co-founder of UCROO:Even being able to help one person who was facing a difficult time and just seeing their eyes light up, whether you are playing a game with them or you're just improving their afternoon, I think that's something that's just so valuable.

Lucy, Arts/Laws:It's a unique experience that's something that you can't really achieve elsewhere and it's definitely very fulfilling, it makes you feel good about yourself and also makes you feel good about these kids having a nice experience as well.

Emmanuel, Commerce/Science:I feel empowered actually you know, because I feel like if I'm in a position where I can influence someone that's a very good position to be in. So I feel I'm doing the right thing, I feel I'm on the right track. Yes it's very fulfilling, very fulfilling.