Transcript – connect video

Matilda, Arts (Global): Well the program at Monash for volunteering is wonderful, because you meet lots of people from obviously diverse backgrounds, who are doing different degrees, and therefore they have a really different mindset and different ideas on what you can bring to a community.

Gemma, Arts/Laws: The connections I've made with people when I've volunteered have been really useful, because not only have they been able to be a mentor and someone who can guide me in the right direction but they have also been able to be a referee when I'm applying for jobs, and just a fantastic person to have in your life and someone who can bring a different perspective.

Matilda, Arts (Global): And of course meeting like new people is also a great social opportunity because you make great friendships volunteering and then you can also hang out outside of these chances.

Minto Felix, Psychology (Honours), former COO of Oaktree Foundation: You are always meeting people that challenge you, meeting people that inspire you, meeting people that provoke your thinking.

Emmanuel, Commerce/Science: I meet them around the uni, I say hi to them, we are friends, and that connection has helped me feel part of this campus and part of the big university life, I love it.

Caroline, Business: You are going to have a way much better time at university if you're involved because you are going to meet so many great people, and you are more going to enjoy your life at university and have the best memories.