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Gemma, Arts/Laws:Volunteering really gave me the skill of being able to take on a new challenge and a willingness to try things that I hadn't done before.

Chase Williams, alumnus, co-founder of UCROO:It taught me empathy and it taught me to listen to people as well, which has been useful obviously for the rest of my life.

Jack, Arts/Laws:Volunteering gave me a real ability to multi-task, and to manage really large projects, and really a lot of time-consuming  jobs, a lot of managing groups of people,  a lot of delegation – the ability to kind of achieve all that while I was maintaining my own studies, my own work, was really satisfying.

Minto Felix, Psychology (Honours), former COO of Oaktree Foundation:Volunteering for me is all about making a difference on issues that I care about, and being able to develop the skills and the experiences and the knowledge to be able to make an impact on those issues, not only tomorrow but also starting from today. So volunteering is a really easy way of being able to develop some of those skills 

James McCubbin, Business alumnus, co-founder of UCROO:If, at the end of the day, you know what you are doing is going to help other people, then that's the number one way to be inspired in business and in life.