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Dr Christine Nixon:My advice to Monash students who are trying to build a career in many ways is to look at volunteering, to look around to any different opportunities. What are employers looking for? It's someone who has gone out and did something, even if you didn't get paid for it. And you could work with old people, you can work with young people, you can go and work in an office; but I really encourage anybody at Monash to volunteer, not only the students but staff as well. It's a great experience, it looks great on your CV, it says you've gone out, you did something and you made a difference.

Tracey Kennair:Our values are very much centred around care and responsibility, and so we want people that have shown a good example of that as what they have actually done, and that puts them at the top of the list when we are looking at candidates that we are going to hire. 

Hon. John Brumby:But above all I think with volunteering and community service, you learn that change is possible, that some of the things you look at in the world – you know like Fred Hollows with avoidable blindness – you learn that if you do things, you work at things, you contribute to your community, you volunteer or you raise money – you can change things, you can change people's lives.

Dr Christine Nixon:Monash is a great university, and it has people who attend and students that have energy and dynamism, and they want to get on and they want to make a difference and this kind of volunteering an easy way to do it. It's much easier to be able to look at this site, to find your way through it and find yourself some great opportunities. And it just makes a difference to Monash, you're out there on our behalf, making a difference and people know you came from Monash and you care about people and you want to make a difference in communities.