Why volunteer?

Volunteering represents the idea that we should give back to the community through unpaid work, usually with a community or not-for-profit organisation. Volunteering benefits important parts of our society and is of real value to individuals. Research has shown that volunteer work can improve your chances of finding paid work and has a positive effect on career progression for people under 25.

Volunteering doesn't mean you have to give up all your free time. In 2010, 6.1 million people (36% of the Australian population) volunteered for a median of 1 hour a week.

There are endless reasons to volunteer, including the desire to change your community for the better, connect with others around you, or create pathways to your future careers. And it's so easy to get involved – just click "start volunteering" to find thousands of roles online through Volunteering at Monash.

Start volunteering

Change your community

Volunteering allows you to create real, positive and lasting change in your community. Whether it's helping out at Monash, joining a project in a suburb near you, or standing up as an ambassador for an issue that you care about – your volunteer role will see you helping others and fixing problems.

"The difference I make to the community" was one of the top things that volunteers valued most about their volunteering experience in the recent National Survey of Volunteering Issues.

Change your community

Connect with others

Being a volunteer is all about getting involved with the people around you – making new friends, working in teams, and helping disadvantaged people.

You'll learn from people from diverse backgrounds, ages and cultures. You'll make friends with like-minded and passionate volunteers. And you'll broaden your horizons and create lasting connections by sharing your experiences with those around you.

Create new skills

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways of developing your own skills.

Whether it's working at a desk or getting your hands dirty, the experiences you have will develop your strengths and your employability.

Volunteering is a flexible way to discover your potential, and start creating a career pathway and professional connections.