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Ben Norman

Ben Norman serves as Acting Director, Business Strategy and provides strategic support and financial advice for the University significant business decisions. Ben joined Monash University in 2005 and has worked in a variety of roles in the Faculty, Research and Revenue Accounting Services and Business Strategy.

Ben has been integral to the business case development and strategic reviews of subsidiaries, operational improvements, significant projects, affiliated organisations and domestic and international campuses of the University. Such projects have included Monash Suzhou, MTTI, Berwick campus teach-out, Peninsula Campus, Monash Indonesia and Monash Online.

He also provides strategic and financial advice for the University commercialisation activities and the development of new partnerships, including as a member of Monash Investment Holdings Pty Ltd management committee.

Ben holds an Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Management (Marketing) and Master of Planning (Urban Design). He is also a Board member for a not-for-profit focused on interfaith and intercultural advancement.