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Dalida Abi-Chebli

As the Director Finance Strategy and Operations, Dalida Abi-Chebli is responsible for Purchasing Services, Accounts Payable, Receivables & Revenue, Supplier Engagement, Stores, Travel and Expenses Management, Processes Improvements and Finance Applications- eProcurement platform (Coupa), expense management system (Concur) and Business to Customer platform (Magento). Dalida also leads the Finance Strategy team responsible for orchestrating the delivery of financial services with a focus on portfolio-wide strategic planning and communications support to the CFO portfolio.

Dalida has demonstrated a track record of working with the senior leadership teams and various stakeholders in a strategic, advisory and support capacity and is known for her strong people skills and ability to deliver strong business values.

Prior to joining Finance Operations, Dalida served as a senior business partner for the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial officer portfolios for over 3 years.

In late 2009, Dalida joined Monash Faculty of Business and Economics, after an extensive management accounting professional background in a variety of corporate industry sectors (milling and baking, security, industry automation and control).

Dalida holds a Bachelor degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Management) from the University of South Africa. She is a member of CPA Australia, is an alumina member in the Financial Executive Institute, and has completed the High Potentials Leadership Program from Harvard Business School in Boston.