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The business strategy team brings a whole of University perspective to and provides strategic support and financial advice for the University’s significant business decisions. The Monash Insurance Office is also part of Business Strategy.

Areas of focus:

  • Support development and delivery of strategic projects
  • Provide advice and expertise to support significant projects, particularly in relation to business perspectives and dealing with government
  • Provide strategic and financial advice on and support to major cross portfolio/faculty projects
  • Support development of robust business cases
  • Provide advice on and support for business plan development
  • Management of the University’s insurance program
  • Provide advice on insurance issues
  • Support development and strategic reviews of subsidiaries, affiliated organisations and campuses
  • Identification and implementation of opportunities for operational improvement


David Hanna
Director, Business Strategy
Tel: +61 3 990 50260

Ben Norman
Senior Advisor, Business Strategy
Tel: +61 3 990 59536

Sylvia Sakwa
Manager, Insurance Services
Tel: +61 3 990 56368