From trash to treasure

We tend to take cutlery for granted – but what if you were unable to use readily available cutlery due to a physical disability?

3d mould

Exciting news from Dr Lee Djumas, Innovation Lead at the Woodside FutureLab within MSE;

The Woodside FutureLab has been working with Sarah Ceravolo and Precious Plastics on a sustainability project with the Western Health Hospitals as part of the NGV Design Week in an exhibition called Welcome to Wasteland. The work explores our current relationship with waste and how we can use this issue as an opportunity to rethink design. The exhibition ran from the 14th to the 24th of March at the Compound Interest Warehouse (Collingwood).

In this project, recycled HDPE syringes from the Australian health care system (which produces 260,000 tonnes of waste each year) were used to create a range of ergonomically designed modular cutlery handles for people with physical disabilities. To do this, a range of 3D printed carbon-fibre composite moulds were made, into which the recycled HDPE was injected.

A huge thank you to Sarah Ceravolo (designer) and Gabi Newman (MSE student), who made this all happen, as well as Tobias Orchard (MSE technical officer) for his support.

It has been a wonderful project to be a part of, and a real testament to what can be achieved when combining the latest in advanced manufacturing and collaboration with those outside of your usual field.