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Join us at Year 10 Discovery Day

Wednesday 4 July 2018
1 - 4.30pm

What to expect

Not sure about university study? Want to know how your interests and skills might link to different university courses? Come along to Year 10 Discovery Day and start exploring your future! Bring your curiosity, optimism and passion, and discover how you can make an impact to change the world.

You'll enjoy fun and interactive sessions where you can find out about:

  • choosing the right course
  • prerequisite subjects
  • managing Years 11 and 12

You’ll also have the chance to speak to current students and staff about what it’s really like to study at Monash.

Please note that this day is for students only (parents need not attend).

Date: Wednesday 4 July 2018

Time: 1 - 4.30pm

Location: South One Lecture Theatre, 43 Rainforest Walk, Clayton campus

Event program

1pm Registration
1.20pm Welcome
1.30pm Making the Most of Your Choices
2pm Faculty workshops
2.45pm Afternoon tea
3.10pm Achieving a Top ATAR
4.30pm Event ends

Faculty workshops

Select one of the following sessions when you register. Make sure you get in quick, as workshops have limited places.

Workshop topicDetails

Ethical behaviour in today's world

Location: S322, 20 Chancellors Walk

In this workshop, you’ll debate real world scenarios to better understand the notion of the ‘volatile modern world’. You’ll be required to use creative thinking and problem solving skills to critically engage with ethical issues in Arts disciplines such as Philosophy & Ethics, Political Science, Human Rights, International Relations and Criminology.

Get a student perspective on what you can do in a Business or Commerce degree

Location: E457, 20 Chancellors Walk

This workshop will give you an insight into what it’s like to study Business and Commerce, with a student panel sharing their experiences at Monash.

So you want to teach the next generation?

Location: 2.03, Learning and Teaching Building, 19 Ancora Imparo Way

This interactive session provides you with an understanding of what it means to be a 'teacher' with the help of students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Honours). You'll be challenged to develop an engaging lesson for your peers and provide constructive feedback through the use of technologies that are currently being introduced within classrooms around the world.

Engineers: the creative problem solvers

Location: G29 and G30, New Horizons, 20 Research Way

“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.” – Theo Jansen

Engineering is problem solving and questioning the world around you. It’s building things and taking them apart and asking why and how they work. It is also a creative pursuit – engineers are creative problem solvers. In this workshop, you’ll get to work on activities designed by final year students using the skills they learnt in their Engineering degree.

Cracking the code on cybercrime

Location: G13, 14 Rainforest Walk

"I'm interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it, and you're like, 'Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible?'" - Elon Musk

Information technology encourages your readiness for change, development of new ideas and equips you with the skills to utilise the Internet of Things. In this workshop, you’ll experience how our Monash Information Technology students are developing the answers to cracking down on cybercrime

What is it really like to study Law?

Location: Monash Law's Moot Court, Ground Floor, 15 Ancora Imparo Way

Hear Monash Law students share their experiences in their degree so far, from practical clinical placements, internships, overseas exchanges and legal work experience, to the Law Students Society, connecting with employers and finding work after their Law degree.

What are drugs made of?

Location: H2 Lecture Theatre, 20 Chancellors Walk

This presentation and hands on activity touches on several of our faculty themes, including medication design. You’ll learn about the relationship between structure and activity, using your sense of smell. The presentation will also show you what drugs are made of and how they are discovered and made. The aim of this workshop is to show you how your science knowledge can lead to careers in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science in a light-hearted and informal way.

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