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Year 10 Discovery Day

Thursday 4 July
8.50am - 2.00pm

About Year 10 Discovery Day

Come along to our Year 10 Discovery Day and get a taste of what it’s like to study at Monash University.

Join us in a series of interactive faculty-run workshops that explore different subject areas. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about making study decisions that are right for you, hear from a current Monash student about their experience and develop valuable study strategies, including how to achieve a top ATAR score.

Please note that this day is for students and parents need not attend.

Date: Thursday 4 July
Time: 8.50am - 2.00pm
Location: South One Lecture Theatre, 43 Rainforest Walk, Clayton campus

Event program

8.50am Arrival and check-in
9.10am Making the most of your choices presentation
10.20am Faculty workshop #1
11.15am Faculty workshop #2
12.10pm Lunch break*
12.40pm Achieving a top ATAR presentation 
2.00pm Event closes

*Registrations are required for catering purposes.

More info

Making the most of your choices

This interactive presentation will give you the chance to map your path for VCE and beyond. You'll reflect on your strengths and how they align with your current and future subjects so you can better understand what your best options are for university and your career.

Achieving a top ATAR

In this session run by Connect Education, you will hear from a current Monash student who will share their study journey and provide you with some hints and tips, as well as learn strategies to help you achieve a top ATAR. You’ll come away feeling ready to tackle your first full year of VCE/IB with confidence.


You’ll have the opportunity to select not one but two faculty workshops. These expert-run workshops will be fun and informative allowing you to experience different study areas.

Criminology for the 21st century

What does a murderer look like? What really happens inside a prison? What works in preventing crime? These are only a small handful of the questions that criminologists encounter. Join us in this session to delve into the world of criminology.

Monash Business School
Step into the share market

Have you ever wanted to trade shares but were not quite sure how it all works? In this activity you’ll be an investor in our state-of the-art trading room that simulates Australia’s financial market. You’ll be given virtual cash to buy and sell stocks to better understand how the share market operates.

Do you want to teach the next generation?

This interactive session provides you with an understanding of what it means to be a 'teacher' with the help of current Education students. Challenge yourself to develop a lesson for your peers and provide constructive feedback through the use of technologies that are currently being introduced within classrooms around the world.

Engineering in action

Engineers use science, technology and creativity to solve problems and improve people's lives. People living in areas prone to natural disaster need clever engineering to stay safe. In this workshop, run by our Engineers Without Borders student group, your task is to build and test structures that can withstand an earthquake or cyclone. It's a competition, will your team win?

Information Technology
Cyber criminality and technology

Ever wondered how cyber criminals gain access to your technology? Discover methods of exploiting cybercrime and techniques used to decipher information.

Experience a criminal trial

Get involved in this mock theft case - as judge, jury, prosecution or defence - and get a taste of what it's like to appear in court.

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Discover the importance of nutrition during VCE

Diet, exercise and sleep all play an important role in keeping you alert and ready to learn. To help you perform at your very best, you'll discover the importance of nutrition during exam times, as well as how to meet your exercise and sleep needs throughout VCE/IB.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chemistry of medicines

What are medicines and drugs, how do they work and what is coming through next in the drug-discovery pipeline? You will discover how chemistry and biology work together to solve major global health problems and even have a chance design your own drug out of LEGO.