Ideas for change

Ideas for change

Young people have valuable and unique insights into their own wellbeing and their quality of schooling. Not only it is important to listen to them, it is also important to co-collaborate on matters that directly affect them.

For schools, teachers, parents and policy-makers

It is important to listen and collaborate with young people, particularly when developing policies and implementing practice to build more inclusive communities.

For researchers

We hope this exhibition highlights one way to use participatory visual research methods to support and strengthen the voice of youth.

Your call to action

Raising awareness about mental health issues and actually making a difference in society to reduce the amount of people affected by these issues ... Doing more school activities to raise awareness and make a change ... Teach more practical life skills at school.
- Ishika Thakur (17yo)
Do not undermine the effects of climate change ... If all you’re doing is raising awareness without a direct action plan, what’s the point?
- Edison Vong (17yo)
Mental health issues with teens – not only raise awareness but make a difference ... Basic life skills taught in school.
- Nikith Udayakumar (14yo)
To acknowledge young people’s opinions as they are the future.
- Abhi Kariamal (14yo)
That young people are the next generation. There needs to be more support, and more recognition.
- Group Member
Learn from young people in the community, give them a voice and listen to what they have to say.
- Liz Solly (14yo)
Your small step and small decision can change the world in a positive way.
- Shekiba Fuladi (16yo)
We’re here to help, show you believe in us by helping us.
- Leila McMillan (15yo)
We are the future. LISTEN.
- Sahnly Phan Chan (16yo)


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