Online exhibition

Youth Booth Exhibition

This online exhibition provides insights into how young people see the complex situations that impact them. The exhibition adopts a rights-based perspective which emphasises the importance of not only listening to youth, but co-collaborating on matters that directly affect them.

The exhibition is organised into aspects of life that matter to young people of today.

Being digitally savvy

The young generation’s use of technology in the daily world

Girl using a mobile

We are able to use our knowledge and skills of technology to become aware of the issues happening around us...

The coming generation will grow up with this technology … it can show the importance of what technology can be used for.

Photographer: Ishika Thakur (17yo)

Strength of young people

In my opinion, the strengths of young people is our ability to use technology.

All of the younger generation has been raised using technology, in all aspects of our life.

Photographer: Rithvika Senthilkumar (14yo)

A collection of digital devices (Apple brand)

Australian bushfires

Suburban landscape in smoke from bushfires

In this photo all the smoke from bushfires across parts of Australia has moved a long way showing how severe these fires really are.

This relates to our lives as the smoky air prevents us from going outside and enjoying fresh air. It keeps us inside making it really hard to enjoy the outside world.

This problem has grown from climate change. Because our weather is becoming a lot warmer, Australia is becoming prone to more bushfires resulting in people losing homes, lives and family.

To overcome this problem the smallest things could make a difference. Donating to causes that can help firefighters or affected families could make the difference. We could also do small things like switching to more eco-friendly solutions. If we don’t acknowledge this issue it may only get worse.

Photographer: Abhi Kariamal (14yo)

The stress of study


Statement of results leading to the award of the Victorian Certificate of Education

What is contained in this letter is the number of my psychology study score. [It] shows the effort that i have put in to achieve.

This number impacts my ATAR which is the so-called determinant number that allows to me get into the course I want, to finally study or do something that I am truly passionate about that isn’t just filler subjects to just fill the requirement.

Children/students these days do truly worry about these numbers … teachers want you to do the best that you can … but when we are so fixated on these numbers and so worried about them do we really peak or do the best?

Photographer: Sahnly Phan Chan (16yo)


This is a picture of a T-shirt from the new cricket club I joined.

It is my first time joining cricket and I was really excited to play a sport I love with my friends competitively.

I am trying new things such as sports and classes … trying to figure out something that I can focus on or something that releases stress. For a while now I have been interested in cricket however I turned down every opportunity to join a club as I was scared. However, I built up my confidence and finally joined one.

Role models have to motivate young kids to always take a chance.

Photographer: Nikith Udayakumar (14yo)

Yellow sports shirt representing Noble Park Cricket Club


Study books

These four books could symbolise different parts of our lives or parts of our minds.

The impact of stress and work are represented through the English book and the planner represents how we want to get things in order.

The Psychopath Test book represents the need for a break and the black visual diary represents the need for privacy and creatvitity for our own peace of mind.

In a time where students are highly stressed and trying to do their best, there is an increase of mental health issues.

Photographer: Sahnly Phan Chan (16yo)

Class expectations and goals

Expectations I have for my peers and teachers … the goals I will try and aim for this year.

Thinking carefully not to expect too much or too less from myself and others.

We place down rules and have borders to protect ourselves as well as others  to try and unlock our potential.

This exists so that we can be in a safe learning environment.

Photographer: Tamika Nguyen (15yo)

hand-written notes in a notepad

Influence of social media

Social media influence

Laptop with an Instagram page on it

A major challenge young people face is the major influence from social media.

Social media influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Dallas, James Charles, etc. all heavily influence the living style of teens and young adults. Their lives are seen as ‘perfect’, and for teens to have a perfect life, they must act like influencers. Which impacts their diets, clothing, and living style.

Photographer: Rithvika Senthilkumar (14yo)


I drew up a little something that represents an issue that kids face everyday. This one shows exclusion.

Photographer: Abhi Kariamal (14yo)

Drawing of a group of stick people and one sitting alone

Climate change

Bushfires from above

View from airplane window of bushfires in the horizon

What is seen here?

A glowing red sky from a plane window … this image shows the scale of the Eastern Australian bushfires and their impact on the people of Australia.

This problem relates to our lives and the lives of many others affected by bushfires, because it represents the devastation and loss that has occurred due to this disaster.

This image could help people to understand that what is causing these fires is a significant issue. If we don’t act and pressure global leaders and politicians to do the same, these events will only get worse.

- Liz Solly (14yo)

Photographer: Zahara Harrison


The waves are really strong today and surfers are making the most of it.

Even when they are knocked over or wiped out they still get up and continue to surf.

This relates to the strength of resilience, even when we are knocked down, we are able to get up again. This strength exists because we have been brought up with many challenges in our lives ... one of the main strengths among today’s young people is resilience.

We can support those who are experiencing challenges and provide them with the support they need to overcome the problems that they might face to help build their resilience.

Photographer: Liz Solly (14yo)

Ocean weaves at the beach


Tangled branches of trees

This image represents the tangled and confusing lives of young people and the ways that we are able to manage them.

In this day and age, many young people feel like they must do everything for fear of missing out. This is sometimes fueled by pressure from family and friends.

We can be supportive to our friends and help them to understand that it is ok to say no to things. We can also listen to what is best for ourselves to ensure that we don’t overload.

Photographer: Liz Solly (14yo)

Impact of poor mental health

Comparing yourself to others

Hand drawing of a stick person looking at self in the mirrow

This photo shows a man/boy looking into the mirror seeing he has no muscles. A phone next to him shows how muscular someone else is.

Many teens, almost all, compare their intelligence and appearance to other people. There is a line separating popular and non-popular. Everyone wants  to be popular so they compare themselves to them and try to be like them.

Be yourself, you’re you and we love you for who you are.

Photographer: Nikith Udayakuma (14yo)

My ways to deal with stress

People can do certain activities to calm themselves and a way I do this is through creativity and art...

It is a way to escape from stress. There are activities people can do to be relaxed like art, games and sports.

Photographer: Ishika Thakur (17yo)

Drawing of a girl looking out of a window

Mental health

Drawing of a girl with tears streaming down her face

Mental health is being rated as [one of the] top 3 issues in City of Greater Dandenong.

Young People voting mental health as the highest percentage (17.5% - Page 2, Youth Summit 2018).



Be creative … and find what works for you to feel better or more you.

I pick a piece of lavender on my walk to school every morning to help anxiety and to stay calm. Since they took my music away, this is very helpful.

Everyone has negative emotions and everyone needs to find a way to alleviate it or manage them to feel more positive in general.

We can raise awareness which will lead to education for more people to understand what others or themselves might be going through.

Photographer: Leila McMillan (15yo)

A photo of a single stem of lavander flower


World map and Mandela art

Mandela art in the shape of the world map

How I came up with this idea?

I wanted to share the message of ‘Make the world a better place’ by art.  I know that I am good at Mandela drawing so did it on a world map.

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world, like poverty, war, climate change, inequality and lack of opportunity. But your one small step can change the world in a good and positive way.

Artist: Shekiba Fuladi (16yo)

Camp experience

Young men across an array of backgrounds, united and fought against adversity to achieve a similar goal.

Following a week of adversity and struggle, those who signed that hat united as one to compete against the other groups.

Regardless of who it is, you are capable of working with them. As long as there is a common end goal, unity will be achieved. Even with a group of strangers, those individuals will unite into one family-life group.

Diversity and the promotion of it enables weaknesses and strengths to be displayed. As everyone’s qualities are different, they are able to complement one another, and thus enable the objective to be achieved much better.

Photographer: Edison Vong (17yo)

Yellow shirt and cap for Lord Somers Camp


We hope the images and videos have prompted you to reflect on the agency and role of youth voice in shaping our society.

The young people in this exhibition have given you a call to action. Read their ideas, hear their voices, see their perspectives and use them to foster social change.

Ideas for change