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The Ecologies Project

The Ecologies Project

17 September – 22 November 2008

Laurence Aberhart, Lauren Berkowitz, Chris Bond, Angela Brennan, Paul Buwang Buwang, Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley, Joyce Campbell, Mikala Dwyer, Michael Corridore, Peter Dombrovskis, Brodie Ellis, Anna Ephraim, Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi, Andrew Hazewinkel, Susan Jacobs, Ash Keating, Nick Mangan, Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Mandy Martin, Vera Möller, James Morrison, Anne Noble, Henry Nupurra, Raquel Ormella, Fiona Pardington, Luke Pither, Adam Pyett, Stuart Ringholt, Ewen Ross, Sandra Selig, Andrew Sinclair, Eileen Yaritja Stevens, Lisa Stewart, Ricky Swallow, Christian Thompson, Michelle Ussher, Rohan Wealleans, Roy Wiggan and John Wolseley

Geraldine Kirrihi Barlow and Kyla McFarlane

What is this project that we are now undertaking, as we globally seek a new balance with the ecological systems that sustain us? Will endgame, apocalyptic visions drive change, or can our wonder in the natural world inspire the creation of a brighter future? Artists have long drawn inspiration from nature, as well as being advocates for a sustainable relationship between humanity and the environment. Now that a need for change has become broadly accepted, what role for art? Even with this accepted impetus to action, the particular paths we might take are unclear. It is an exciting and unsettling time as we sit between the darkest and most hopeful of futures. We must grapple with a myriad of abstract and interconnected systems, economic, environmental, social and philosophical. At this moment in time, art offers a lens through which we can examine the world as well as a kind of metaphorical thinking that can sharpen our perception of the relation between these complex parts and their impact on a dynamic whole. The Ecologies Project includes work by 40 artists exploring issues of sustainability, climate change and the idea of ecology as both form and metaphor.

Public Programs:
Re-Opening Curators' Talk, Geraldine Kirrihi Barlow and Dr Kyla McFarlane, Saturday 20 September
Opening Function, Saturday 20 September

Media Kit:
The Ecologies Project

Image: The Ecologies Project, installation view: Monash University Museum of Art, 2008