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Since its foundation and the first intake of students in 1961, Monash University has consistently commissioned significant works of art to complement the architecture and the landscapes of its campuses. The earliest works were situated on the Clayton campus and include a celebrated ceramic mural by John Perceval, stained glass windows by Leonard French and Les Kossatz, and external sculptural installations by Clifton Pugh and Clive Murray-White. Read more


Public Art Walks

MUMA’s Public Art Walk has been developed as a way of introducing and highlighting the many public artworks that are located on the Clayton and Caulfield campuses and are in the Monash University Collection. The walking route has been designed as an open loop that can be joined at any point along the path. Read more
Emily Floyd

This Place Will Always Be Open 2012
Agatha Gothe-Snape

The Scheme Was a Blueprint for Future Development Programs 2015
Callum Morton

Silverscreen 2010
Rose Nolan

James Angus

Built Unbuilt Unbuildable 2015
Murray Barker & Laith McGregor

Step Up KO and OK Point from the Monoliths series 2014
Louisa Bufardeci

(In a very short space of time through very short times of space) the universe devolves into a string 2014
Louisa Bufardeci

I Know I Don't know 2015
Kosloff Architecture and Monash Art Projects (MAP)

External building skin and entry into Monash Building 17, 2018
The Chancellery Art Walk

Angela Brennan, Untitled 2016 and Jug with Three Feet 2013
Gunybi Ganambarr, Larrakitj 2018
Linda Marrinon, Woman in High-Waisted Pants 2007
John Meade, Double Pin with Heidi Plait 2008
Kathy Temin, Pet Tomb: Tina 2014
Vipoo Srivilasa, A Pair of Golden Kids (Golden Boy and Golden Girl) 2019
Maree Clarke

On the Banks of the Murrumbidgee River 2017
Megan Cope

Weelam Ngalut (Our Place) 2019
Peter Corlett

John Monash 2015
Leonard French

Alpha and Omega 1969–70
Five Public Art Commissions at Learning and Teaching Building S2 Car Park

Tully Moore, All I can give is a replication 2017
Kenny Pittock, Mural's Wedding 2017
Esther Stewart, P2 Upper 1, 2 P2 Lower 3 2017
Sam Songailo, great time great noize great life of time 2017
A Centre for Everything (Will Foster and Gabrielle de Vietri), Climate Questions for a New Car Park 2017
Lorna Green

Stay, Live and Sit 1993
Ronnie van Hout

Dayton 2014
Natasha Johns-Messenger

Water-Orb 2018
Les Kossatz

No title 1968
Inge King

Cantilever 1975
Sanné Mestrom

Weeping Women 2014
Dan Moynihan

Seeing Things 2015
Clive Murray-White

Retrospective 1993
Open Spatial Workshop (OSW)

Anthropocite 2015
Mikala Dwyer

Phantom 2021
Caulfield Campus (Temporary)
Pat Foster and Jen Berean

Unity and Fragments (A Brief Interruption) 2013
Caulfield Campus (Temporary)
Damp & Monash Art Projects (MAP)

Gormenghast 2016
Caulfield Campus (Temporary)
Ronnie van Hout

R.U.R. 2008
Caulfield Campus (Temporary)