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Black Elastic

Black elastic, two umbrellas, a mint leaf and wheels

13 October – 17 December 2011

James Deutsher, Mikala Dwyer, Diena Georgetti, Elizabeth Gower, Melinda Harper, Matt Hinkley, Brendan Huntley, George Johnson, Tim Johnson, Kitty Kantilla, Geoffrey Kleen, James Lynch, Linda Marrinon, Elizabeth Newman, John Nixon, Paul Partos, Pablo Picasso (with Georges Ramié), Kerrie Poliness, Stuart Ringholt, Giles Ryder, Paul Saint, Madonna Staunton, Louise Weaver and Constanze Zikos

Rosemary Forde

Spanning art practice from c.1950 to 2011, Black Elastic, Two Umbrellas, a Mint Leaf and Wheels demonstrates artists’ ongoing experiments in medium and meaning.

Works by Elizabeth Gower, Paul Saint and James Deutsher, among others, reflect historical and contemporary shifts towards the unmonumental in sculpture. These are exhibited in context with works demonstrating the persistence of abstraction in Australian art, including works by Paul Partos, Diena Georgetti and Matt Hinkley, as well as a comprehensive suite of collage works on paper by John Nixon.

Incorporating elements of decoration and design, and dynamics of scale, the exhibition displays an interest in a domestication of modernism. Black Elastic, Two Umbrellas, a Mint Leaf and Wheels encourages conversations regarding form and mode between and across media.

Image: Black Elastic, Two Umbrellas, a Mint Leaf and Wheels. Installation view, Monash University Museum of Art, 2011