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Laresa Kosloff: CAST

5 February – 13 April 2013

CAST 2011 is the artefact-object-sculpture-remains of Laresa Kosloff’s situational performance presented during the Vernissage of the 54th Biennale de Venezia in 2011. Departing from Melbourne with her leg encased in plaster and aided by crutches, Kosloff travelled by air, bus and vaporetto to the Biennale where, in a speculative autograph hunt, she asked well-known artists to sign her cast. Once covered in signatures, Kosloff removed the cast and carried it home as a sculptural object.

Drawing on Kosloff’s interest in the body’s agency in public contexts and everyday settings, CAST engages with ideas concerning participatory art and community, authorship and authenticity, and the relations that exist between art, fandom and celebrity.

The performance project was commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art through the ACCA Pop Up Program with support by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

Exhibition Invite:
Laresa Kosloff: CAST

Image: Laresa Kosloff, CAST 2011. Monash University Collection