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MADA Art Forum: Lucas Ihlein

Wednesday 20 March 2019, 1–2pm
Lecture Theatre G1.04
Building G 
Monash Art Design & Architecture
Monash University, Caulfield Campus

In this MADA Art Forum lecture, Lucas Ihlein spoke about his long-term research into Australian agricultural innovation and its relationship to art, in relation to his participation in Shapes of Knowledge at MUMA.

Wollongong-based artist and educator, Lucas Ihlein holds learning at the very centre of his artistic practice, understanding his artworks (prints, film and text) as tools to satisfy his own desire to learn. Importantly, he opens up the processes of his learning so that the audience may also be present in knowledge production, as it unfolds rather than after the fact. Ihlein’s projects tend to explore the relationship between socially engaged art, agriculture and environmental management.

Ihlein’s project Baking Earth: Soil and the Carbon Economy as part of Shapes of Knowledge featured the Yeomans Carbon Still, a device invented by Allan Yeomans to test carbon levels in soil. During the exhibition, soil samples  were processed in the gallery and the artist and Yeomans led a public discussion about the future viability of a system for paying farmers to draw carbon dioxide down from the atmosphere into the soil.

Lucas Ihlein participated in Shapes of Knowledge at Monash University Museum of Art, 9 February – 13 April 2019.

Image: Yeomans Carbon Still. Image courtesy of Lucas Ihlein

MADA Art Forum: Lucas Ihlein

Wednesday 20 March 2019, 1–2pm