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Future Tree

Dr Jen Sanger and Steve Pearce, The Tree Projects
James Burgmann-Milner, Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, Monash University

Kate Barber

The final episode of Tree Telling, titled Future Tree, features special guests who are thinking about and actively engaged with the future of trees.

Dr Jen Sanger and Steve Pearce from The Tree Projects are on a mission to preserve Tasmania’s giant trees for future generations. They will be talking us through the complex logistics involved in photographing one of the southern hemisphere's tallest trees; an 84m tall eucalypt called ‘Gandalf's Staff’ located in Tasmania’s Styx Valley.

We are also joined by James Burgmann-Milner, an emerging writer, cultural studies PhD candidate and teaching associate with the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, Monash University. James’ doctoral research focuses on narrative forms of climate change communication, and he discusses representations of trees within climate fiction (cli-fi) and a return to focussing on the arboreal world within climate fiction.

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