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MADA Art Forum: A Constructed World

24 June 2020, pre-recorded talk

For their recently programmed edition of MUMA Online, titled Creative Yuk: Speech Without Doors, A Constructed World (ACW) focussed on how to use the platform to frame “what-we-want rather than be subject to what a platform may want of or from us.” Their recent YouTube-hosted project Pheno Tv, is an attempt at this time by A Constructed World to “make a space to share the control panel with our interviewees, experts, invitees, friends and acquaintances to see if we could produce liveness or a sense of being with each other.” For this MADA Art Forum A Constructed World present the latest output of Pheno Tv, Episode 1, Voice, talking over the 28-minute video in the obsolescent form of a DVD Director’s audio commentary.

A Constructed World (ACW) is a collaboration between Australian artists Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva, founded in 1993 and based in Paris, France. Their practice is concerned with the multiple narratives we use to construct and understand our world. They work with methodologies that bring attention to diverse modes of artistic practice and are well known for their extended performances that incorporate high levels of specialisation and “not-knowing” as a shared space.

ACW believe in the notion of collectivity and tend to work with an expanded field of collaborators that include (by their own description) “other artists, writers, art historians, philosophers, dancers, musicians, curators, doctors, and pharmacologists, among others.”

A Constructed World is represented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney and Case Chiuse HQ, Milan.

Image: A Constructed World (ACW) MADA Art Forum presentation

MADA Art Forum: A Constructed World

Wednesday 24 June 2020