As well as collaboration across disciplines within Monash University itself, the Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials is forging significant national and international partnerships with other research institutions and with industry.

We welcome collaboration with institutions and industries worldwide. Engagement opportunities include:

  • Co-develop, incubate and accelerate next generation 2D materials-based technologies
  • R & D project collaboration
  • Technology licensing and commercialisation
  • Leverage for external funding sources
  • Access cutting-edge research facilities

To determine our potential collaborative synergies, please click on the links for an overview of our capabilities and technologies we have developed.

Some of our recent external collaborations include:

  • The National University of Singapore. The Centre has held two workshops with researchers from the National University of Singapore, one at Monash, the other in Singapore. These exchanges have led to a nascent collaboration on graphene electrodes for advanced photovoltaic cells (Udo Bach, Monash and Barbaros Oezyilmaz, NUS) a Discovery Project on molybdenum disulphide electronics (Michael Fuhrer, Monash and Shaffique Adam, NUS) as well as discussions about additional joint projects.
  • Professor Michael Fuhrer has an ongoing collaboration funded by the US NSF and US ONR with Professors Dennis Drew and Tom Murphy at the University of Maryland to use graphene for terahertz detection and emission, and additional collaborations with Assistant Professor Jun Yan (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Assistant Professor Dong Sun (Peking University), Doctors Kenji Watanabe and Takashi Taniguchi (National Institute for Materials Research, Japan).

We are keen to meet with you to discuss our potential opportunities. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact:

Dr. Tich-Lam Nguyen, Research Centre Manager

T: +613 9905 9278